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Live Love & Decorate by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Rizzoli USA
In Live, Love & Decorate, celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard takes readers on a journey through some of his most beautiful and creative creations to date.

One of the stars of Bravo's oh-so-dramatic 'Million Dollar Decorators', the LA based designer is known for creating deliciously exotic interiors for some of the world's biggest celebrities (Elton John and Cher among them).

"Interior design is my life," explains the handsome Brit in the book's opening paragraph. But he didn't always know it would be that way. Despite a childhood (literally) selling antiques and wowing the aficionados in London's Greenwich Antiques Market, Martyn had dreams of becoming an actor. Soon after moving to Hollywood to pursue a career as a thespian, the tides turned and he realized his true passion lay in decorating and design.

The book chronicles his career by showcasing 15 fabulous projects including Martyn's own home. In each one color, pattern and details like intricate fretwork and bold pieces of art reign supreme. There are no cookie-cutter designs and no big-box store finds.

Despite the big budgets and seemingly unreachable designs (for most of us anyway) the tone of the book is very warm, conversational and accessible to everyone. Martyn holds nothing back, explaining how he becomes emotionally involved with his clients and their homes and how it inspires him to find just the right items to reflect who they are and how they live. And they live big!

Flipping through the pages of Live, Love & Decorate is a little like being on vacation. Each interior is more sumptuous and exotic than the last and Martyn tells of his travels across the globe looking for just the right pieces. From the marble fireplace "that was once a portal to an Indian temple" in Cheryl Tiegs's living room to the "carved triple arch entryway reclaimed from a Rajasthan palace" that has become the backdrop for Cher's bed, you can see how Martyn picks out unique items full of history and character and makes them come to life for his clients.

This isn't a book for DIYers or those who want to decorate on a dime - this is a book for those who crave devastatingly chic designs and bold (sometimes over-the-top) homes. In this work-of-art book, the homes are fabulous, the text is entertaining and the photos are visual feasts. As Martyn himself might say, "it's simply delicious dahling".

For more information on Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's work visit his website. And be sure to check out our interview with the Million Dollar Decorator himself!

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