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Books on Interior Decorating, Home Planning, and Gardening

You can consume hours browsing through beautiful books on decorating. With superb photos, inspirational ideas, and wonderful text, they will form the foundation of your decorating resources and help get your creative juices running. Find our recommendations for decorating books and reviews to help you decide which to add to your home library.

Lauri Ward's "Downsizing Your Home With Style"
Author and designer Lauri Ward tells readers how to live "well in a smaller space."

Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors
Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors is a beautiful coffee table and reference book in one, published by Merrell Publishers.

Decorating Books and Book Reviews
Since books are such an important part of defining personal style and trying out ideas, we've put together lists of some of our favorite books on decorating and design.

Books About Paint and Painting
Do you love the look of rich painted finishes in your home? The books listed here offer the best tips and inspiration on interior painting for both the do-it-yourself beginner and the seasoned professional.

Tour 250 Designer Rooms in the Book on Decorator Show Houses
Decorator Show Houses are presented in many communities annually to raise money for charities and showcase the designs of local interior decorators, architects, and landscape architects. This book, Decorator Show Houses, brings the inspiration and creativity of these decorator show houses into your home for reference throughout the year.

Books by Country Living Magazine
Use this list to find some of our favorite decorating books by Country Living Magazine as well as links to discount book sources where you can buy online.

Books on Christmas and Holiday Decorating
Choose a new book for your library from our top picks list of books on Christmas and Holiday Decorating.

Books on Decorating Children's Rooms
Use this list to find great books with advice on decorating adorable children's rooms.

Books on Decorating in the English Style
If you're looking for some great books to add to your decorating library, check out our top picks for books about English Style. Follow the links offered to find online vendors.

Books on Monet and His Home at Giverny
Claude Monet is considered one of the finest painters of all time, and his style and use of color have provided inspiration to designers of interiors. See our picks for top books about Money and his beautiful home and gardens at Giverny, France.

Books on Napkin Folding
A simply-set table takes on a special look with a custom napkin fold. The books here offer simple tutorials on daily folding and detailed instructions to create a special touch for your table. Links to online vendors are offered.

Books on Peaceful Serene Living
If you love a quiet place to snuggle up with a good book or a room decorated with cozy corners, you'll find inspiration in these top picks of books on peaceful, serene living.

Books on Romantic Decorating
Whether you like formal or casual, country or city chic, there's always room for romantic touches in your home. The books listed here give ideas for bring a romantic look to any home.

Books on Shabby Chic Style
See our list of top picks on books that define the Shabby Chic style of decorating.

Top 10 Books by Alexandra Stoddard
Alexandra Stoddard is the author of books on both decorating and lifestyles. Choose from some of our favorite books by Alexandra Stoddard and find sources for discount books online.

Top 10 Books by House Beautiful Magazine
Browse this list of wonderful decorating books from House Beautiful Magazine and find online sources for these books at attractive discounts.

Top 7 Books by Carolyne Roehm
Get inspired for entertaining and decorating with each season of the year with author Carolyne Roehm. Her elegant style, flower expertise, and entertaining tips will have you opening these books for ideas all year long.

Top Books About French Style and Decorating
If you love French style decorating, you'll want to look through our top picks of books about decorating in the French style. Any one of these oboks would be a great addition to your decorating library. You can link directly to online book sources to do some shopping.

Top Books About Provence, France
French Country style decorating has it roots in Provence. If you're looking for some great books on Provencal life, decorating, and design, you might like to see our top picks. You'll find links to help you find the least expensive online book sources for these books. Enjoy!

Get Home Improvement Tips from Barbara K!
Barbara K (aka Barbara Kavovit) offers loads of advise and information on making repairs and improvements to your home. Though some of the projects are not for the faint of heart (like re-seating a toilet), she makes everything sound logical and simple.

Home Therapy by Lauri Ward
Interior decorator and expert room rearranger, Lauri Ward, has collected the challenges of 25 clients and presents solutions to their decorating problems.

The Art of the Table
Suzanne von Drachenfels knows everything there is to know about dining, the table, entertaining, food service, and tableware. Read our review of her book, "The Art of the Table: A Complete Guide to Table Settings, Table Manners, and Tableware."

A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses
Fashion, interior decorating, entertaining – they're all closely related, and no one knows this better than designer and style guru, Rebecca Moses. Her new book, A Life of Style, celebrates all three in a charming collection of inspiring quotes, helpful tips and whimsical illustrations.

Decorating Books


There are thousands upon thousands of decorating books on the market, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which ones to spend your money on. Is it better to find ones that address decorating in the styles you love, or is it better to be exposed to looks you wouldn't normally gravitate towards?

I tend to pickup decorating books that speak to me on some level. Either through beautiful photographs or the lessons they demonstrate. I've got books that teach me how to do cheap DIY projects, and decorating books full of beautiful, expensive interiors the likes of which I'll likely never know. Here are some of my favorites.

Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux
Book review of Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux

Books to Cherish - Found Free and Flea
Tereasa Surratt's Found Free and Flea is a charming book full of useful advice.

Books to Cherish: Live, Love & Decorate
In Live, Love & Decorate, celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard takes readers on a journey through some of his most beautiful and creative creations to date.

Books to Cherish: Be Your Own Decorator
A review of Susanna Salk's Be Your Own Decorator - a must read for decorating fans.

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