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Do you love a formal, elegant room?

Do you have any idea about what decorating style you like? You learn so many things through the years in school, but you seldom get education on decorating styles for the home. This short guide from About.com will steer you to quizzes and resources to help you determine your specific favorite decorating style.

Connect to the links here and answer some simple questions. Before you know it, you'll get information on your decorating style, based on your answers. What could be easier? Use these sources as a guide to creating the interior that reflects your personality.

Then you can really call your house or apartment a home!

  • Better Homes and Gardens has a simple color quiz using attitudes about color to help zero in on your decorating style. You won't have to wait for results, and you'll get information about what the answers say about you.

  • Take a Lifestyle Quiz from Waverly to get style hints and links to photos of some beautiful rooms matched to your answers.

  • Check out more Decorating, Design, and Style Quizzes. They are a great way to help you define home furnishings you love so you can create your perfect home.

  • Browse our favorite books on decorating and design!

Take the quizzes and print out any quiz results that best fit your style, and keep them in your decorating file for future reference!

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