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Basics of Interior Decorating, Buying Guides, and Design Resources

Are you ready to change the look of your home but don't know where to start? It may all seem intimidating, but you'll find helpful advice and tips for beginners at these links. Get ideas, inspiration, and guidance, and then let your imagination take you to the home of your dreams!
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Styles of Decorating: Art Deco
Styles of Decorating: Art Deco

Top 10 Painting Tips and Tricks
Painting tips and tricks everyone should know before getting started.

Low VOC Paint and No VOC Paint
Definitions of low VOC and no VOC paints

How Much Do You Know About Decorating?
Check out our decorating quizzes and see how much you know about color, furniture, molding, and window treatments.

A to Z Index of Decorating Links
Look up topics like Kids Rooms, Centerpieces, Flooring, or Kitchens to find some of the best links and information on the Internet.

Decorating Articles Site Map
Find interior decorating articles categorized by topic!

What is Your Decorating Style?
You learn so many things through the years in school. But you seldom get education on styles of decorating. This short guide from About will steer you to quizzes and resources to help you determine your specific decorating style.

Furniture - When to Save and When to Splurge
Furniture - When to Save and When to Splurge

Decorate a Room Systematically and Efficiently
Sometimes you can know exactly how you want a room to look but you don't really know how to make it happen. If you're going to decorate a room yourself and don't know where to start check out these tips for making over a room as quickly and systematically as possible.

Decorating Rooms So They Work Together
When decorating rooms it's important not to think of them as a single entity. Every room should connect to those around it in some way. If they don't you end up with a very choppy looking and disjointed home. Don't worry though, when decorating rooms it's easy to make them connect and flow together.

Decorating with Pink
Pink has always been thought of as a traditionally feminine color, but the truth is that pink can actually be very versatile. It has the power to calm and relax as well as excite and vitalize. From blush to raspberry to coral to fuchsia, no matter what mood you want to create, there's a way to do it with pink.

How to Create a Room That Works
When you're starting from scratch, creating a room that is comfortable, efficient and stylish can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of "rules" to remember. To make the process a bit easier, here are some important tips that will help you create a room that works. Keep them in mind during the decorating process...

Decorating Do's and Don'ts
Learn how to avoid common decorating mistakes and make your home look like it was designed by a pro. Check out these decorating do's and don'ts.

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