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Ikea Online Room Planner


If you're planning on decorating a room, whether it's a big project or small, consider trying out one of the following online room planners. They allow you to play around with different furniture arrangements according to the specifics of the room and some even allow you to incorporate colors and will give you a real 3-D look at how your space will look when completed. By using these before you get started on your project you can save a lot of time and money and avoid making big decorating mistakes.

My Deco 3D Room Planner

The online room planner from My Deco is one of the most user friendly available on the net. It allows you to add windows, doors and walls, and lets you experiment with colors and furniture arrangements. The furniture and accessories are actual pieces from real stores so if you really fall in love with the products you can actually purchase them. The planner also allows you to view the room from different angles and view the plan and the 3D image at the same time.

IKEA Kitchen Planner

Home furnishings powerhouse, IKEA, has a few online tools to help you design your rooms. The various planners allow you to drag and drop furniture (and appliances in the kitchen planner tool) to ensure they fit exact measurements. You can move things around and experiment with different designs and arrangements until you're satisfied. You can then view the room in 3D and print out the plans. It can also be saved onto an IKEA server and picked up at a store near you along with a list of all the products you used and their prices.

Armstrong's Design a Room

Armstrong's 3D online room planner lets you choose a room along with a style you want to decorate in, and then experiment with different finishes and colors. Like the previous two tools, this online room planner allows you to choose from actual products and paint colors which then makes shopping for the materials very easy. The other bonus is that this site gives you valuable information about the products so you can decide if they're the right ones for your home.

Plan 3D

Plan 3D is quite similar to the My Deco online room planner. It allows you to set up a room and view it from any angle. You can move walls, windows and other features to make the room match your actual space. You can include paint, wallpaper and furniture and plan exactly how you want the space to look. You can also save different designs and configurations so you can go back and compare and really figure out what it is that you want.


This online room planner is great for design and computer novices. Like the IKEA tool it allows you to drag and drop items into the floor plan to create the look you want. Like many of the others you can decorate with items from actual stores and manufacturers so you can see what the room will truly look like. When you're done you can print out the list of items to take to the stores.

Each one of these tools has a myriad of features to help you plan the room you want. Check them all out and don't be afraid to experiment. Most of them are free so there's no financial risk. You can make as many plans as you want for as many rooms as you like. With these online room planners even the most novice decorator can create a room that looks like it was decorated by a pro.

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