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Color Wheel

Learn how to use a color wheel and get information about color combinations and theory.

Color Wheel Basics
Read good color wheel information, from About's Painting Guide.

12 Step Color Wheel
See a traditional color wheel with 2 inserts for primary and secondary colors, each pointing to their spot in the round color wheel.

Color Boards
Tips and information on creating a color board of samples for yourself or a client.

Color Theory from Color Matters
A look at the color wheel and color combinations.

Colour Mixing Terminology
Descriptions and illustrations of the various terms of color, including chroma, tint, hue, shade, tone, and value.

Where to Buy Color Wheels
Several sizes of color wheels, interior design wheels, and wheels in Spanish, French, and German are available here.

Ye Olde Homemade Colour Wheel
Basic information about the color wheel.

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