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Color Ideas for Home Decor

These links to information on using color in decorating will help you focus your ideas. See photos, links, trends, and information for the first time decorator.

How Paint Can Change the Look of a Room
Are you hoping to change the look of your living spaces? It is easy to do with just a simple change of paint color and decorative painting techniques.

From Fashion Week to Living Room Chic
View photos of beautiful interiors and learn how to make your home as trendy and appealing as the newest fall fashions.

Top 10 Trend-Setting Color Schemes for 2006
Look to fashion and home products for the latest in trendy hues and color combinations for your home décor.

Tips for Choosing Paint Color
Are you intimidated by the wall of paint chips at the home center or paint store? Here's what you need to know before you go!

Top One Color Schemes
Are you looking for an easy color scheme? Monochromatic schemes may be for you. Find our top picks for some of the most liveable color schemes for your home.

The Best Color Schemes if You Love the Beach
Do you love the beach? Then these pretty color schemes may just be the ones that can give your home the look of a beachy vacation getaway.

Benjamin Moore on Color
Choose the COLOR tab and browse their articles on Color Inspiration, Color Families, Color and Light, and The Color Wheel.

Color Boards
Tips and information on creating a color board of samples for yourself or a client.

Color Quiz
Test your Color IQ with this 15 question True/False quiz. Don't peek at the answers! From the Paint and Decorating Retailer site.

Color Theory Basics
Learn more about Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Split Complementary, Triadic, and Tetradic (Double Complementary) Color Schemes.

Color Theory
This site has a brief overview of color concepts, with illustrations.

Color Wheel Pro
Color Wheel Pro is a software tool that helps you create harmonious color schemes based on color theory.

Color: themes, schemes & theory
A beautiful page with illustrations and tips on using color in home decorating.

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