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Super Fast and Easy Ways Decorate a Christmas Wreath

From Plain to Beautiful


Try one of these easy decorating ideas to perk up a plain Christmas wreath.
  • Holiday Ornaments on Wires
    Your local florist or craft store should have a colorful selection of small holiday ornaments on wires or picks. These will be easy to wire on or stick into a wreath. You can also twist several of these together and attach clusters of ornaments in no time flat.

  • Floral Picks
    Browse the holiday floral pick aisle of a craft store for ideas galore. You may find picks of sparkling crystals, faux sugared fruits, or metallic snowflakes. Stick these into your wreath here and there, using wire to attach them more permanently if needed.

  • Flat Ornaments
    Many flat ornaments such as stars or snowflakes can be wired onto a wreath for a stunning effect. We found gold stars in the wood cutouts section of a craft store and used hot glue to attach them. However, you could also drill small holes into the pieces and attach with a length of floral wire.

  • Ribbon Garland
    Twine your wreath with circles of ribbon wound loosely around the entire wreath.

  • Purchased Garland
    Sparkling craft store garlands can easily be set on top of the wreath and attached here and there with floral wire or pipe cleaners.

  • Lights
    If your wreath will be hung near an electrical outlet, consider adding lights to the wreath. Or use a battery-operated light string.

  • Ribbon Loop
    Hang a particularly beautiful wreath from a length of gorgeous ribbon looped around the top center of the wreath.

Once you get started, you'll probably be able to come up with more ideas on how to decorate a plain Christmas wreath to make it something special.

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