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Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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Decorate Your Christmas Tree
A beautiful, symmetrical fir tree is a perfect symbol of the Christmas season. But by decorating it with treasures, you create a one-of-a-kind memory of the season. Find our ideas for decorating your Christmas tree in this resource index from About.com.

Decorating a Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Tree Decorating Tips
    Find basic information on decorating your tree, from ornaments and lights to garlands, nosegays, and decorating themes.
  • Christmas Tree Decorating Basics
    Interior design principles are good to follow when decorating your home. Use them for your holiday decorating, too, and your home will be festive and beautiful.
  • Christmas Color
    If you're a traditionalist, you'll probably use all the decorations you have. But you can create a dramatic Christmas tree based on a color theme. Find help on choosing a dramatic Christmas color scheme for your home.
  • Christmas Themes
    Find ways to decorate your tree around a special hobby or interest. Use the theme for home decor or a Christmas party, too.
  • Christmas Nosegays
    Put together pretty clusters of flowers, berries, and greens to fill in bare spots and add texture to your Christmas tree or wreath.

Christmas Tree Garlands

  • Christmas Garland Tips for Trees
    Tie everything together on your Christmas tree with themed garlands. Get information on how many garlands to use for your Christmas tree, how to swag them, and how a garland unifies your Christmas tree decorations.
  • Make Your Own Garlands for Your Christmas Tree
    Discover how to make inexpensive, unique garlands for your Christmas tree using beads, berries, greenery, popcorn, or small decorations.

Christmas Tree Lights


Christmas Tree Skirts

  • Christmas Tree Skirts
    Learn about skirting your Christmas tree with a festive skirt. You'll not only camouflage an unattractive tree stand, but also add a decorative touch at the same time.
  • Make Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt
    Get information and tips on how to make your Christmas tree skirt out of fabrics you might already have. You'll be amazed how easy it is to add this finishing touch.

Choosing a Christmas Tree

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