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Christmas Tree Skirts

A Finishing Touch for Your Tree


Christmas Tree Skirts
Whether you need to cover up an unsightly tree stand or want to create a total picture with your Christmas tree, a Christmas tree skirt can serve as a special finishing touch for your tree. Get great ideas here about using and making a Christmas tree skirt that will really add a lot to your tree.

How Large Should Your Tree Skirt Be? - This will depend on the size of your tree stand as well as the diameter of your tree.

In general:

  • You want to be sure that the skirt is big enough to cover the tree stand beneath.
  • The skirt should not be wider than the average width of the tree branches.
  • To avoid accidents, keep the tree skirt out of any area where people might walk. If the skirt you choose is too wide, just tuck the edges under.

Camouflage the Tree Stand - New Christmas tree stands today are very large and bulky. A traditional tree skirt may not be large enough to cover it. You may need to make your own tree skirt designed to fit around your stand. Or, simply drape a length of fabric around the base of the tree. See more here about Making Your Own Tree Skirt.

A "WOW" Skirt or a Simple One? - If you want your Christmas tree skirt to be the center of attention, choose one made of a lush fabric, bright colors, or with shiny metallic thread. If you want it to be a background for other things, choose a simple or plain fabric in a neutral color. See more about choosing Christmas color schemes.

How to Assemble Your Tree and Skirt - First, find the perfect place for your tree in the room, set it up, and fill the water reservoir. Next, string on the lights and garlands, and carefully place the ornaments around. Finally, clean up the floor around the tree and place the tree skirt over the tree stand, spread out under the tree.

You'll Need to Water the Tree - Remember that you'll have to water your tree almost daily. Be sure to locate the opening of the tree skirt so you can easily lift it up to get to the water reservoir. It is a good idea to cover the water pan with a sheet of plastic or foil so that the Christmas tree skirt doesn't fall into the water reservoir of the tree stand.

Decorating and Design - A Christmas tree skirt offers another opportunity to enhance your room's decorating color scheme and theme. A period Victorian living room could use a lush, red velvet Christmas tree skirt. A simple cotton patchwork or appliqued tree skirt would be perfect for a country or causal look. Learn more about using Design Principles for the Holidays here.

Trends in Christmas Tree Skirts - If you go shopping for a tree skirt, you'll find that there are lots of styles available. But the trend is toward more elegant styles, regardless of your decorating scheme. Look for gorgeous satin banded velvet skirts, designs with embroidered sheers over colored linings, sumptuous beaded styles, many of which are imported. You can choose cottons, patchwork quilts and appliqued fleece if you prefer a casual look.

Read about how to make your own Christmas tree skirt.

~ Coral Nafie

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