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Christmas Tree Tips

Find out how to choose a fresh Christmas tree, watering fresh cut trees, and keeping your Christmas tree fresh longer.

Tips for the Best Christmas Tree Ever
We've pulled together lots of help and resources to choose and decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree ever.

How to Enjoy a Perfect Christmas Tree
Read how to choose, set up, and enjoy the perfect Christmas tree in your home this year.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree
A beautiful, symmetrical fir tree is a perfect symbol of the Christmas season. But by decorating it with treasures, you create a one-of-a-kind memory of the season. Find our resources for decorating your Christmas tree in this article from About.com.

Tips on Decorating Your Christmas Tree
Once you've chosen your Christmas tree, you're in for some fun. With so many choices of ornaments, garlands, colors, and decorations, you'll have decisions to make. Read our tips on decorating your Christmas tree before you start. You'll create a treasure for the whole season!

Plan Your Christmas Tree Around a Theme
When you're thinking about decorating your main tree or a small tree in the kitchen, child's room, or family room, you might want to focus on a theme. See some of our ideas for Christmas tree themes.

It's Time Get Your Christmas Tree
By the time you've lit your Christmas tree for the first time, you will have put a lot of effort and time into the project. Why not do it the right way and have a picture-perfect tree this year? Find our sources for products and information on choosing the perfect tree, getting the right lights, deciding on a theme, and creating wonderful memories.

Christmas Tree Skirts
Whether you need to cover up an unsightly tree stand or want to create a total picture with your Christmas tree, a Christmas tree skirt can serve as a special finishing touch for your tree. Get great ideas here about using and making a Christmas tree skirt that will really add a lot to your tree.

Guide to the Perfect Tree
Everything you need to know about choosing, transporting, placing, and watering a beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Care Hints
Follow these hints and precautions and you'll preserve the unique beauty a real Christmas tree can provide

Get the Basics on Christmas Tree
Learn How Stuff Works on this site of information. See several pages of info and photos here.

How to Care for Fresh Cut Holiday Trees
Good information from the Shady Pond Tree Farm.

How to Select and Cut a Christmas Tree
Good information from the Shady Pond Tree Farm.

National Christmas Tree Association
You'll find lots of good information on this site regarding trees, types of trees, and locations of quality tree farms.

National Christmas Tree Association
Use their database to locate trees by zipcode, location, or species. Also good advice on selection and care, tree types, watering info, and a glossary of terms.

Wilt Pruf Spray
Online source for this preserving spray for trees and greens.

Types of Trees
Learn about many types of fresh trees that will bring the wonder of Christmas to your home.

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