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Christmas Balls in a Bowl Centerpiece

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You can find colorful assortments of Christmas tree balls at almost every home center, hobby shop, discount store, or drug store. Collect lots of one color or use a rainbow of colors for the easiest, simplest Christmas centerpiece ever.

Gather different sizes of or ornaments or buy a box of all one size, whatever you need to fit your clear bowl, candle hurricane lamp, ceramic vase, or seasonal basket.Mix different size balls to fit any bowl, glass hurricane, basket, or vase.

If your chosen bowl or container is deep and opaque, fill the bottom part with bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or styrofoam shipping peanuts. Gently place the balls on top to hide the filler.

Materials for making a Christmas Balls in a Bowl Centerpiece

  • glass ornaments
  • container
  • bow

Follow these simple steps to make your Christmas Balls in a Bowl Centerpiece

  • Select your container and clean it carefully inside and out. Dry off carefully.
  • Stack ornaments into the container, alternating sizes or colors (if you use them.
  • Tuck the tops of the ornament under so they can't be seen.

Special tips for fine-tuning

  • Choose a color scheme and look for ornaments. They can be all the same color or a combination of colors.
  • Use all one size ornaments or mix sizes.
  • A tall hurricane lamp glass cover is a wonderful vertical container. It gives a dramatic look.
  • Place one special heirloom ornament on the top of the decoration for a crowning touch.
  • This doesn't have to be just for Christmas. Choose red, white, and blue for patriotic holidays, pinks and greens for a pretty bridal shower, yellows and oranges for a warm summer party or black and silver for New Year's Eve.
  • A footed bowl is a pretty container and raises the centerpiece off the table.
  • For a bit of embellishment, tuck holiday greens into some of the cracks.
  • Set a small decoration on a bookcase, a large flat one for a coffee table, or a small one in a footed bowl for a bedside table.

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