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Christmas Centerpiece With Cranberries and Candles

You might already have everything you need.


Christmas Centerpiece With Cranberries and Candles

Use any tray or platter for this simple centerpiece.

Coral Nafie
Spread some colorful fresh cranberries on a tray, arrange votives around, and you have a simple decoration for your Christmas table. If your cupboards are bare, a quick trip to the grocery store will provide all you need.

Materials for Your Christmas Centerpiece With Cranberries and Candles

  • tray or platter of any type to coordinate with your Christmas table theme
  • tea light or votive candles
  • 2 to 3 - 1 pound bags fresh red cranberries, depending on the size and depth of your tray
  • leaves, pine sprigs, or garlands, if desired

Follow these simple steps to make your Christmas Cranberries and Candles Centerpiece:

  • Place a tray or platter in the center of your table.
  • Pour the fresh red cranberries out on the tray and spread evenly. Be sure to pick out and throw away any shriveled, wilted, or discolored berries.
  • Arrange tea light or votive candles around the tray.

Special tips for fine-tuning:

  • Place sprigs of greens under the tray or into the berries.
  • Use a footed, shallow glass bowl for height
  • Line a footed, deep glass bowl with leaves, arrange cranberries, and set candles on top.
  • To add height, choose candles of various heights.
  • Arrange small ornaments around the tray, intersperced with the candles.
  • Spread a garland around the base of the tray.
  • Tuck colorful Christmas bows around the candles.
  • Note: Cranberries contain moisture that could damage or discolor some trays, especially silver. If you are concerned, line the tray with plastic and remove the cranberries after a day or two, before they get soft.

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~ Coral Nafie

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