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Ideas for Christmas Centerpiece Projects

Find ideas, instructions, and photos of beautiful and fun holiday centerpieces. Create something special for your Christmas table.

Use Fresh Fruit for a Centerpiece
With our easy-to-follow directions, you can make a fresh centerpiece with fruit of your choice.

Christmas Balls in a Bowl Centerpiece
Using a pretty bowl and glistening Christmas tree balls, you can put together a simple, colorful, and effective centerpiece. We'll tell you how.

Fast and Easy Holiday Centerpieces
You'll find some good ideas for fast and easy Christmas and holiday centerpieces in this article from About.com.

Christmas Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself
Use this page as your guide to many simple and beautiful arrangements to put on your holiday table. You'll be able to make them yourself.

Christmas Collectible Centerpiece
Showcase one beautiful Christmas figurine on your holiday table. Whether it's a family heirloom or new purchase, this will be the focus of your Christmas table.

Christmas Candle Forest Centerpiece
Three pillar candles, holiday greens, and fluffy snow combine in this tabletop "candle forest."

Christmas Centerpiece of Ornaments on Candlesticks
Collect all the candleholders you have in your home and create this amusing and impressive Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas Centerpiece of Ornaments in Pedestal Bowl
Use one simple pedestal bowl and ornaments in the colors of your decor to create an elegant Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas Centerpiece of Beaded Fruit
Use elegant beaded artificial fruit to create this interesting arrangement for your Christmas table.

Christmas Centerpiece With Candles and Greens
Create a simple, seasonal decoration using sprigs of greenery and holiday-colored candles.

Christmas Centerpiece With Cranberries and Candles
Spread some colorful fresh cranberries on a tray, arrange votives around, and you have a simple decoration for your Christmas table.

Christmas Ornaments on Silver Tray Centerpiece
Place beautiful, colorful Christmas ornaments on a shiny tray for a striking and simple centerpiece.

Christmas Gifts Centerpiece
Wrap up small packages for a fun centerpiece for your Christmas table.

Christmas Candlestick Centerpiece
Gather together your prettiest candle holders and create a simple, elegant centerpiece for your Christmas table.

Christmas Pointsettia Centerpiece
Beautiful pointsettias in a decorative soup tureen or bowl create an elegant and easy Christmas centerpiece. Learn how to put together this decoration.

Christmas Wreath Centerpiece
Use a traditional green wreath of pine boughs to create a simple Christmas centerpiece.

One Great Bowl -- 10 Easy Arrangements
Use one simple footed bowl to create a variety of easy centerpieces.

How to Make Flower Arrangements Last
Learn what to do to help give your flower arrangements a longer life.

Christmas Orbs & Bowls
The Floral Design Institute offers this project for a centerpiece arrangement made from roses in a large bowl.

Friendship Wreath Centerpiece
Photo and tips on making a centerpiece with pillar candles in a decorated Oasis Floral Wreath Ring.

Lowe's on Holiday Centerpieces
Directions for making a centerpiece using evergreen branches, candles, and holiday ornaments.

5 Cheap Centerpieces for the Holidays
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a pretty and festive centerpiece. Check out these 5 cheap centerpieces for the holidays.

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