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An Upside-Down Christmas Tree

What's Behind This Insanity?


An Upside-Down Christmas Tree An Upside-Down Christmas Tree An Upside-Down Christmas Tree Target.com

An upside-down Christmas tree! Who has ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

Well, you may be surprised to hear that an upside-down Christmas tree is one of the hottest fads of the season. But it's actually not so new!

Hanging fir trees upside down goes back to the Middle Ages, when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity. But now, Christmas trees are shaped with the tip pointing to heaven, and some think an upside-down Christmas tree is disrespectful or sacrilegious.

The trees were recently introduced to retailers for in-store displays, so more ornaments could be displayed at eye level to the buying public. And they left more floor space to hold extra stock of decorations.

But the upside-down Christmas trees have caught on, and are being sold to the public as a novelty piece. Target.com has a version that sells for $399 and comes pre-lit. Hammacher Schlemmer website has not been able to stay in stock.

Upside-down Christmas trees are either hung from a bracket on the ceiling like a chandelier, stood upside-down on a stand, or mounted tip-down on the wall.

While you may not go for this idea in a big way, you might see a few of the benefits. If you have little children, you can keep most of the ornaments away from little hands. Cats and dogs won't be racing around and knocking decorations off the base of your upside-down Christmas tree. And just think how many more packages you'll be able to pile under the tree!

Read more about upside-down Christmas trees and displaying collectible ornaments from About.com's site for Collectibles.

But as for me, count me out! I love the wonderful season and celebration of Christmas. I know some of the traditions have nothing to do with the birth of Christ. But I love the celebrations of love and family and giving. And I don't intend to turn them upside-down in my home!

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