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Create a Festive Holiday Look with These Holiday Decorating Ideas


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When it comes to Christmas decorating there are so many things you can do that at times it can seem a little overwhelming. Here are some of my favorite Christmas tips to make your home look fun and festive.

  • If you live in a small space why not opt for a tabletop Christmas tree? Put it in a simple pot and then scatter presents around the base. You might be surprised at what a big impact a small tree can have.
  • Try decorating with trees made of a variety of natural materials. Birch bark trees and pinecone trees are rustically festive. Place them on mantels, console tables, and anywhere else you've got space.
  • When it comes to Christmas trees more is merrier. Fill up your tree with as many ornaments you can and place them all over the branches in order to get a robust look full of depth. Sparsely decorated trees tend to look a little sad and empty.

Holiday Colors
  • Can't decide on a holiday palette? Start with your home's existing palette and build on it. Any colors can be festive when you add a little sparkle and holiday flair.
  • Try a twist on the traditional. Instead of green and red why not go for fuchsia and lime?
  • Try to choose a holiday palette of two or three colors and use it all over the house.It will unify the entire space and lend a festive look to your whole home.

Decorating with Ornaments
  • Glass cylinders filled with ornaments are simple and festive. Rather than mixing a lot of colors try filling them with ornaments of one color with different finishes.
  • For a simple centerpiece group similarly colored ornaments in a decorative bowl and intersperse them with pieces of cedar or boxwood.
  • For a simple but elegant look try framing an ornament in a shadow box.
  • Place large ornaments atop candlesticks. Display them together in clusters and groupings.
  • Use ornaments as place card markers. Take a plain ornament and then write your guest's initials with glitter glue.

Garlands and Greenery
  • When it comes to hanging garlands don't limit yourself to mantels and staircases. Drape them over mirrors, windows and doors.
  • Embellish pieces of art and mirrors by adding some little pieces of greenery around frames.
  • A pinecone garland draped over a fireplace mantel is a great way to add rustic charm.

Branches, Sticks and Logs
  • Arrange some branches in a vase for a really simple look. Add some greenery around the base and feel free to hang some tiny ornaments to fest up the look.
  • If you have a fireplace you don't use, fill it with birch bark logs. They have an inherently rustic and festive quality and it's much better than staring at a big black hole. If you do use your fireplace, pile a stack of them next to it.
  • Another way to display birch bark logs is to stand a bunch up and wrap them together. It's very simple but looks lovely in a corner of a foyer or family room.
  • Spray paint some branches in white, silver or gold and then display them in a vase of your choosing – clear glass for a simple look or perhaps a silver champagne bucket for and elegantly sumptuous look.

  • Always take off the "grocery store" ribbon from wreaths. Replace it with a beautiful piece of wide satin ribbon. It adds instant elegance and can make even the cheapest wreath look like a million bucks.
  • Hang a wreath somewhere you would normally hang a piece of art, such as over a sofa, buffet or console table. Depending on the length of the piece of furniture you can even hang a series of two or three.
  • Hang matching wreaths by matching ribbons in several windows of the house. It will create a nice festive connection throughout your home.
  • A wreath hanging on a bed frame adds a festive touch to the bedroom. The footboard is usually best so you don't hit your head in the night.

  • Wrap a large piece of satin ribbon around a door to mimic the look of a wrapped gift.
  • Run some lengths of pretty ribbon down the center of your table (over a tablecloth) to create the look of a festive runner. Tie the same ribbon around napkins and even candlesticks to create a cohesive table display.
  • Add little pieces of ribbon in your holiday colors all over the house. Tie them around candlesticks, use them to embellish lampshades, and tape them onto glass cabinet doors for a little extra holiday flair.

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