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Christmas Themes with Food, Candy, and Cookies

Find Most of What You Need in the Kitchen


What could be more perfect for a gourmet cook or bakeer or garden lover? Using real, dried, preserved, or artificial food items and garden supplies, you can really have a wonderful decorating scheme for Christmas. Any of these themes would be perfect for a fun touch to any kitchen.

  • Chocolate
    I have to start this page with chocolate! Yum! Find small tin chocolate molds or newer latex molds for candies at a craft or kitchen store and hang them, all tied with gold or chocolate (of course!) brown ribbons. Remove the candy from bite-sized Hershey candy bars, rewrap around a small piece of styrofoam, and tie them on the tree. String together mini chocolate kisses for a garland. Use a glue gun to secure small candies into small baskets. Find other ornaments in browns, gold, or silver.

  • Candy
    Buy blown glass ornaments shaped like candy kisses and hang with artificial or real candy canes. Make a garland of candy canes or hard wrapped candies. Fill small colored cellophane bags with hard candies and tie with a colorful ribbon. Fill tiny gift boxes with candies and hang on the tree. When the tree comes down, you'll still be able to enjoy the decorations.

  • Candy Cane Tree
    This is a red and white color theme. Don't be tempted to add anything else. Use shiny and matte red and white decorations, hang real or artificial candy canes thick on the tree, and add a garland of tiny candy canes or wrapped round mint candies tied or wired together.

  • Tea or Coffee
    You can borrow from a child's tea party set for this theme. Use a glue gun to secure a mini cup to a small saucer or a lid to a child's teapot or coffee pot, add a pretty ribbon loop, and hang on a tree or garland. Tie together a cluster of small silverware, add a ribbon to a tea bag (they give off a wonderful aroma), and wrap a pretty paper or lace doily around a stem of flowers for a delicate look. Embellish with ribbons and bows.

  • Cookies and Tea Time
    Use homemade cookies, dried and preserved with varnish, for decorations. Decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread men, tie ribbons to cute cookie cutters, and collect some doll-size kitchen items. Make a garland of cookie cut-outs.
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  • Bread and Bakery
    Make some mini-loaves or rolls and dry and preserve them. Poke a hole with a skewer and insert decorative ribbons for hanging. Add doll-sized mini kitchen utensils and enhance with cute embroidered tea napkins.

  • Garden
    This is a charming decorating theme for a cottage or country home. Find small terra cotta planting pots at a craft store, tie together lengths of raffia for a garland, collect miniature garden tools, seed packets, gloves, silk leaves or flowers, and add realistic artificial fruit or vegetables. How about circling the tree with a garland of miniature fencing?

  • Fruit
    There are so many realistic looking fruits and garlands, this is an easy theme. Tie ribbons or raffia to the stems of fruits, find mini baskets or crates of fruit, and collect glass ornaments that resemble grapes, oranges, tomatoes, melons, and apples. Make a garland of grape vines or raffia.
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  • Citrus
    I've seen some yummy looking garlands made of slices of lemons, oranges, and limes. Add mini whole fruits and tie together with tangy colored ribbon garlands. This is a great theme for Florida or the Caribbean, as it draws its inspiration from bright sunny colors.

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