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Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating

Choose a Hue for a Fabulous Decor


Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating

Gold and silver sparkle!

If you love a traditional, old-world Christmas, you probably won't think much about a color scheme for your Christmas decorations. You'll gather together everything with sentimental value in any color, and find just the right place for it and your home and tree will be lovely.

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But if you're just starting out or want your decorations to compliment your home's decor, you'll find that all your Christmas decorating decisions will be easier if you start out with a specific color scheme.

There are a number of ways you can determine or choose a color scheme you want to follow with your Christmas decorations. They include:

  • Your Home's Color Scheme
    Focus on the colors you have in your home year 'round and select complimentary colors that bring out the seasonal feeling. Here are more ways you can find colors for a Christmas color scheme.

  • Colors from Your Childhood Christmases
    If you have particularly happy memories from Christmas past, try to choose a color theme to enhance that memory. If you loved all the candy canes, choose a red and white color scheme. Did your tree have shiny silver tinsel laid over the boughs? Maybe you'd like a silver glittery color scheme. How about the bubble lights from the 50's and 60's? Choose a color scheme that brings all those colors to mind.

  • Colors from a Decorating Motif
    Do you love the luscious and luminous beaded fruits? Then you might want to bring the jewel tones into all you Christmas decorating. Do you love rustic, earthy decorations? Then you might want to stick with greens, browns, and golds.

  • A Piece of Fabric
    If you have seen a beautiful fabric that would be spectacular on the center of your dining room table, draw your Christmas colors from the fabric design. Bring the hues into all the rooms for a unified look.

  • A Sentimental Collectible Christmas Decoration
    Were you given a special Christmas decoration from your childhood home? If so, make that the focal point and use the colors from it for your color scheme. I was given a porcelain lighted Christmas tree that we had for years on the table in our entry hall. It's easy to decorate around, of course, but it always has a place of importance.

  • Hues from Your Home
    If your home has warm colors, it would be best to choose golds and reds for decorations rather than icy white and silver. Keep with the feeling of your home for a harmonious decor.

  • Photos from Magazines and Books
    Though the pictures might look casual and lived in, most photo layouts from magazines and books are "staged" by professional designers. Use their ideas to bring the color scheme and designs into your home.

  • Holiday Gift Wrap
    You can see lots of color schemes used in Christmas gift wrapping paper. See which ones you like and think about the style, the motifs represented, and the colors. Choose a paper that would look good in your home and find more decorations to place around the house.

  • Ribbons
    Almost any Christmas decorating is enhanced by adding ribbons and bows, lots of them. If you find a ribbon that you particularly like, use the colors for the decorating scheme throughout your home.

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