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Decorating Ideas for Festive Christmas Mantels


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A beautiful Christmas mantel from the home of designer Carol Glasser.

Mantels are a natural focal point and during the holidays they take centre stage. When decorating Christmas mantels remember to keep the regular rules of mantel decorating in mind. Just switch out your everyday items for festive ones.

A Few Ideas for Christmas Mantels

  • If you have a mirror hanging over your mantel give it a holiday boost by layering a wreath over it. The easiest way is to use a ribbon. Use the ribbon to hang the wreath and attach it to the back of the mirror.
  • Drape an evergreen garland across the mantel and then tuck in different sizes of candles and candleholders. The items needn't all match, but the look makes a greater impact if they're all the same material. For instance, try using mercury glass candlesticks of different shapes and sizes with ivory candles.
  • Fill some clear glass vases with festive items like ornaments, pinecones or cranberries. Display larger vases at the ends of the mantel and then use smaller containers as you work your way towards the centre. Vary the sizes and shapes of the vases to keep it interesting. If you want to make this look even more festive add some greenery around the bases of the vases.
  • Try decorating a Christmas mantel in one color. For example, use silver ornaments and accessories to create an impact. If you're doing this remember that more is more. Use silver ornaments, topiaries, candlesticks and whatever else you desire. The various shapes and textures will keep it looking interesting even though there's no color variation.
  • Flowers and small potted trees (or topiaries) always look great. Try putting matching items on each end of the mantel and then put a lovely arrangement in the middle. You can use one large arrangement or use a few small ones clustered together in the centre.

Here are a few photos to get you inspired:
When decorating Christmas mantels it's important to remember that they should reflect the style of the room. If you have a spare, minimal space, keep the mantel relatively simple. Some green garland and a few silver or white ornaments or candlesticks can do the trick. Likewise if you have a traditional space, keep your holiday mantel fairly traditional as well. In a rustic, country home, rustic ornaments and natural materials work perfectly.

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