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Kids' Rooms

You'll find loads of great decorating for kids' rooms. Use themes to simplify kids decorating, get ideas on , learn how to prepare a room for a new child being adopted, and see the luxe furniture and accessories that celebrities are buying for their children -- plus lots of projects and ideas!
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  4. Decorating Children's Rooms (22)
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  6. Kids Decor (23)
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Finding Inspiration for Kids' Rooms
It’s so tempting to think of pale pink for girls and blue for boys. But there are other ways to get inspiration for decorating kids’ rooms.

All About Kids' Rooms
You'll find everything about Kids Room decorating on this one handy page!

Versatile Furnishings in a Child's Room
Plan ahead for a growing child by creating a room that is long-lasting and versatile. Find out how to design a bedroom that will go beyond babyhood, and see some great examples of convertible furnishings.

Decorating Childrens Rooms: Advice on Long-Lasting Decor
See what some designers say about how to create a memorable child's room.

Decorating Ideas for Boys Rooms
You may feel that there are not many options available for decorating a boy's room. When you want a special room for your little boy, look here for ideas and inspiration! Browse these creative decorating themes, with ideas for boys, infants, and toddler rooms.

Cribs for Adorable Baby Boys' Rooms
After the adorable little baby, the crib is the centerpiece of a nursery. See some classic and contemporary cribs for baby boys.

Decorating Ideas for Girls Rooms
Whether your little girl is into ballet shoes and tutus or baseballs and bumblebees, you'll find wonderful ideas to create a special room! Use the themes here to decorate a room "fit for a princess" of any age.

Kids Luxe
Lusury furnishings are not just for Mom and Dad anymore. Read how kids' furniture and apparel are becoming more luxurious and why celeb and stay-at-home moms are choosing these items for their children. Fashion/Decorating feature.

Room Decor for an Adopted Child
Find helpful ideas on preparing a room for a new child in the family, with helpful tips from About.com's Adoption Guide, Sass Stanfield.

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