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Learn about choosing a chandelier, how to size it to your room, and tips on installing a chandelier.

Choosing the Right Size Chandelier
Are you ready to buy a new chandelier but not quite sure what size is right? Read these tips on choosing the best one for your room.

Chandelier Sizing Help
King's Chandelier Company offers good information on sizing a chandelier to your dining room.

Lowe's on Dining Room Lighting
Lowe's offers tips especially for dining room lighting.

Chandelier Shop Design Studio Facts
Chandeliers 101 information from this on-line source.

You'll find a selection of chandeliers in the "Lighting Fixtures" section.

Care and Cleaning of Chandeliers
Advice on the proper cleaning techniques to preserve your crystal chandelier, from King's Chandelier Company.

Dining Room Chandelier – How High to Hang a Dining Room Chandelier
Learn the appropriate length for hanging a dining room chandelier over a dining room table.

Dining Room Chandelier – How to Find the Right Size Dining …
Learn how to find the right size chandelier for your dining room.

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