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Ceiling Decorating Ideas

Don't think there is anything to do with a plain ceiling? Think again! These links will show you projects, ideas, and photos that will spark your creative juices...

Choose the Right Size Ceiling Medallion
Installing a ceiling medallion can add personality and distinction to a room. Read our guidelines on how to choose the right size ceiling medallion.

Use the Same Trim and Ceiling Color Throughout Your Home
This tip will help bring flow and consistency to your home.

Add a Border to a Ceiling
A project idea for using border wall paper and molding to add decorative interest to a ceiling. They advise painting after the border is up which seems backwards. ??

Ceiling Stenciling
Photos, instructions, and tips for stenciling a ceiling.

Ceiling Trim Molding and Rosettes
An HGTV project to dress up a ceiling border with picture frame molding and decorative rosettes.

Decorated Ceiling with Lattice and Lights
The photo looks like a mess but you could probably make this project work for a garden room or porch.

Faux Ceiling Beams
An unusual and inexpensive project using stained Styrofoam molding trim.

Eight Types of Moldings
Today's Homeowner has a nice chart of common moldings, approximate costs, profiles, where they are installed, and tips.

Focal Point Architectural Products
Website for mouldings, medallions, domes and niches, made of polymer with the appearance of wood.

Freehand Ceiling Designs
The truly brave might want to tackle freehand painting on a ceiling. Instructions and tips from HGTV.

Dezignare's Ideas on Ceiling Treatments
Learn the difference between vaulted, pitched, coffered, and other types of ceiling treatments.

Lofty Ambitions
Several pages in this article, all with photos. Choose from ceiling medallion, pressed tin panel, wallpaper, suspended grid, and more, from This Old House online.

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