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Buying Bed Sheets

Confused about thread count, sheet sizes, and mattress depth? Get the scoop from these informational pages about buying sheets.

Before You Buy Bed Sheets
Do you remember when all bed sheets were white cotton? If so, you're probably amazed at how many options are on the market now. You can add color, style, and pattern to your bedroom with the newest bedding. Read here what you should do and know before you spend your money to buy new bed sheets.

Top Picks for Luxury Bed Linens
Now the finest linens made are available for you to have in your home. Read our top picks for luxurious bed linen manufacturers and visit their sites.

FAQs from Ralph Lauren
The Polo by Ralph Lauren website answers questions on style, color, and choosing and using bed linens.

How to Choose Sheets
Info on thread count, fabric content, mattress sizes and depths.

Sheet FAQs
Find out about combed cotton, pill problems, pillowcase sizing, and more.

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