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If you're ready to take on the big project of remodeling your home or building the home of your dreams, you'll find lots of helpful information, ideas, and resources here.
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Arrange the Furniture Before You Build
Anyone who has built or remodeled a home knows the sense of anticipation before moving in. But how can you be sure that everything will fit? See these considerations for arranging the furniture before you build.

Bathroom Updates
Have a dull, boring bathroom? Choose from these easy projects and ideas to add some life in only one weekend...

Before You Move In
Are you moving soon? Don't miss this list of our favorite tips and projects for things to do before the moving truck arrives!

Easy Lighting Projects
Lighting is one of the best ways to add interest and drama to a room. Here are our favorite lighting projects and ideas to bring more light into your home!

Organizing a Decorating File
How to get organized when you decorate -- with suggested items to include in a Decorating File, what to carry it in, and why you need one.

Remodeling: Get Organized with Online Advice
If you're thinking about remodeling your home these sites can help. Get advice on planning, tips on hiring contractors, checklists of considerations, design ideas, and more, from some great online sources.

Online Ideas for Kitchen Islands
Homeowners are installing larger and larger kitchens with functional islands that not only look beautiful but add storage space and sizeable countertop areas. See some great examples in this article.

Cabinet Hardware: Jewelry for your Home
Kitchen cabinet hardware is the finishing touch for your project. See some of the websites where you can find cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles in a wide variety of styles, colors, and motifs.

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