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Ideas for Decorating Bedrooms

See photos of beautiful bedrooms and get ideas for decorating bedrooms with furniture, floorplans, accessories, and lighting.
  1. Canopy Beds

A Serene Bedroom Using Green Decorating Techniques
It's easy to use green decorating elements to create a serenely green bedroom. Learn how to decorate "green" in your bedroom.

Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom
A bedroom should be a personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your favorite colors, feelings, and collections. Learn the main things to remember when decorating your bedroom.

How to Design Your Bedroom Like a First-Class Hotel Room
Malinda Zimmerman, Interior Design Director of New Development and Brand Management in North America, Renaissance Hotels, offers tips design for a truly luxurious bedroom.

What to Put at the End of Your Bed
If you have room, it's great to have a piece of furniture at the end of the bed. Here are some of our suggestions.

Put Together a Round Bedside Table and Decorate It With Fabric
A great solution for a custom bedside table is a plywood table base with a top. Even better is when you can find storage shelves under the cover. Read about a custom round table which is easy to assemble.

Guide to Bed Sizes
If you sleep solo, you don't really care what bed size you have. You get what you want. And if you like to snuggle up with someone near you, there are several bed size choices for spreading out. With the help of our guide to bed sizes, you'll be able to decide which bed gives you the room you need, both on the bed and in the room.

Windowcovering Basics
Learn more about windowcoverings includings options for window treatments, blinds, curtains, shades, and more. Find out what to consider before you buy, and get tips on choosing the right styles for your home.

Bed Skirts- Tips for Buying Bed Skirts
A bed skirt can add color and pattern to a bedroom. Read about what to look for when you're ready to buy a bed skirt for your room.

Decorating Course
Free online mini courses on decorating your home, including the bedroom. Read the short articles and see a video using RealPlayer.

KatieDid Designs
A selection of bedskirts, shams, and duvets, with prices for labor. You supply your own decorator fabric or Katie will look for something per your instructions. Get a custom look for a reasonable price!

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