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Decorating Photo of the Day
for August 28th

The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo permissions courtesy 2003 Lake Forest Showcase House and Gardens -- photograph ©2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide
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A shower curtain in a bold rose print dominates one end of the bathroom, hiding a less than perfect tub area done in decades-old pink tile. Green blocks in the fabric lent a color cue for the walls while the orange tones are simply an accent color. The shower curtain was kept flat, rather than ruffled or pleated, in order to highlight -- not hide -- the fabric's strong pattern.
East Bedroom Designer: Susan Ifergan, Ifergan-Cole Interiors, Chicago, IL
From the 2003 Lake Forest Showcase House and Gardens
Photo ©2003, Glenna Morton, About Interior Decorating

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All photography and content ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, licensed to About.com

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