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How to Quick Clean a Room

Here's how to quick clean a room efficiently.

Difficulty Level: Easy      Time Required: 15 to 30 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Assemble cleaning materials such as vacuum, dust cloths, and glass cleaner.
  2. First, remove any items that do not belong in the room (dishes, newspapers, mail, etc.). Change the sheets if the room is a bedroom.
  3. Starting to the right of the door, go around the room dusting every surface. Either use your favorite spray, or simply use one damp washcloth and one dry cloth.
  4. Dry each surface and object before moving on.
  5. Next, use glass cleaner or a damp cloth to wash picture glass, mirrors, and TV screens.
  6. Straighten as you go, straightening magazines, rearranging tabletops, replacing items in drawers.
  7. Put the edging attachment on the vacuum and go around the room vacuuming edges, corners, window sills, and tops of doors and shelves.
  8. Next, use the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean upholstery, headboards, curtains, and carved wood, including door panels.
  9. Finally, starting in the farthest corner from the door begin to vacuum the floor, working your way back out the door.
  10. Scan the room for any other items to be taken care of, then move on.
  1. Move quickly around the room. Carry cleaning supplies in a tote that can be carried anywhere.
  2. Straighten but don't sort or reorganize now unless you have time.
  3. Use lots of rags or old washcloths when you are cleaning so you clean with "clean" cloths.

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