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Guide Picks - Top Christmas Tree Watering Systems
Watering a Christmas tree used to be a thankless task. First you had to remember to do it, then you'd have to crawl under the tree, praying that you didn't spill a gallon of water on your hardwood floor. Now, however, there are some ingenious watering systems that offer a variety of solutions. See what's new...

We love this well-made tree stand. It comes with a large plastic tub that holds lots of water and is easy to fill. Tilt the tree out of the way to insert or remove the tub. Be aware that the water tub is open, so you may want to cover it with a board so your tree skirt doesn't get wet. This sturdy stand may last a lifetime and at the very least you'll never want to use a cheap plastic stand again.
2) Santa's Secret
This watering system uses a separate water container and patented siphon pump that feeds water directly to your tree stand's water bowl. Choose from one of two designs -- Santa's boots or a square "gift box" -- for the water container. This container holds 2 gallons of water and fills through the top. Use multiple systems for added capacity. A great way to keep your tree watered without constant refills. Order on this site.
A Santa tree ornament powered by a 9v battery and connected to your water reservoir by a tube. The ornament will flash when the water level is low. The ornament may not fit with your tree's "theme" and the tubing could be a bit of a hassle to attach down to the water bowl, but if you hate getting down on your knees to check the water level, this may be just the thing for you.
4) Christmas Tree Watering I-V
This inexpensive system to water your tree from a 1/2" hole drilled into the side of the trunk. A tube connects to a gallon container of water, easily supplying the tree with as much water as it needs. An added benefit is that the tree stand can be small, or you can simply use the X-shaped wood base installed at the tree lot. Read more on the website. Drawbacks include detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips.
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