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Window Tinting
Guide picks
Learn more about tinting windows to cut down on damage from the sun's UV rays.

3 M Window Film Products
Read about 3M's products for windows.

DIY Info on Window Tinting
Browse these FAQs for more info on window tint films.

Gila Window Film Application Tips Best of the Net
See the pages on "Project Planning" and "Instructions" complete with photos and detailed project tutorial.

Gila Window Films Best of the Net
See the RESIDENTIAL section and click on the "Film Viewer" to see how various styles of tinted windows will look. Also order free samples, read FAQs and product data, and find out were to buy (Home Depot, Lowe's, Menard's, Ace Hardware, etc.).

Guidelines for Window Tint Film Installation
Photos and text with instructions on window tint film installation.

Installing Window Tint
Click on "Print Version" to read article and get tips on installing window tinting film. From DIYnet's "Vehicle Accessory Upgrade" Episode CCR-102.

Llumar Window Films
Click on your country to get more information and tips on window tint films.

Michael Holigan on Window Tinting
Article with tips, instructions, and small photos of the installation process.

Solar Film Co.
Get info, order samples and tools on this tinting site. Don't miss the FAQs too! They also accept phone orders for tinted custom roller shades.

Thermogard Solar Films
Click on "Residential" to read more about the benefits of window films.

Vista Window Films
Read case studies and learn about the benefits of window tinting.

Window Tinting Installation Instructions
No photos but lots of detailed tips and instructions on applying window tint film.

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