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Hanging Plates
A photo tutorial for wall arrangements

Hanging plates on a wall is an easy, inexpensive, and rewarding project.

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An arrangement of plates can be visually more interesting than a framed print. It has the added advantange of flexibility, since plates can be displayed in a vertical or horizontal line, in a rectangular, arched, or diamond pattern, or even all the way around a room, much like a 3D wallpaper border.

Plate Hangers can be purchased for just a few dollars each, making them one of the bigger bargains for home decorating. Find hangers in brass, lucite, and wire, fastened with springs or sticky-backed plastic disks.

For do-it-yourselfers Martha Stewart shows a project to make wire plate hangers out of 18-gauge annealed iron wire.

Project  photography ©2002 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide

Plates look wonderful as a colorful and decorative border in a kitchen or dining room. To experiment with the layout of plates, try color copying them or just cutting out paper circles to test the spacing. Mark the location of the hanging bracket on each circle and tape them up to the wall. Once you have an arrangement that looks good, simply attach a nail or picture hanger to the wall at the marked spot and hang the plates.

We recently undertook a project to hang plates in an arch around a large framed print. Click here for a 2 page photo tutorial...

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