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Projects to Cover Walls in Style

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Fantastic Wall Projects, continued

Cover It Up

Ever wondered how to get a fabric you love up onto the walls? Browse this page of projects and instructions for applying fabric to walls . Some use a wallpaper type of application using liquid fabric starch while others give instructions for upholstered walls.

Love the look of upholstered walls? This project for a pleated fabric wall covering may be the ultimate way to cover walls in style. While somewhat time-consuming to install and not cheap (using multiple lengths of fabric), they also pose minor maintenance problems (dusting, spot removal). However, the look of fabric walls is indeniably luxurious.

Get an old world look with walls that look like stone, stucco, and tile using these faux painting techniques.

Get a garden room look with this project using botanical prints as wallpaper, with short instructions and tips from HGTV.

Badly damaged walls can be covered in a variety of ways. But if you also need a place to tack up artwork, project instructions, maps, or more, consider this tack board wall treatment. Homasote panels are cut into geometric shapes of your choosing, then covered with fabric stapled on, and finally applied to the wall with finish nails or small screws. This project would be great for a kid's room, home office, or mud room area.

Cover a wall and get more storage at the same time by building a custom bookshelf. The measurements and finish can be alterted to fit your specific project, and you'll get a ton of display space using less than 12 inches of floor space.

Wainscoting panels are another great way to add interest. Get instructions for installation, including a list tools.

 ~ Glenna Morton
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