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Tile Installation
Guide picks
Get ceramic tile installation instructions on these helpful websites. See photos, find tips, tricks, and how-tos for tiling projects.

How to Install Ceramic Tile - Lowes.com Best of the Net
You'll need to register (it's free) to view Lowe's excellent premium content with "Interactive How-Tos" on installing tile, molding, painting, wallpapering, paneling, and more.

Helpful info on selecting tile and grout and instructions on installing a tile floor, backsplash, and more, including how to lay out the tile, cut tile, apply thinset and grout.

Installer Instructions on Setting Tile
For the do-it-yourselfer, all details of ceramic tile installation are covered on this site. Tips from professional tile installers.

Online Floor Tile Tool from Mike's Art Best of the Net
Enter your room size, choose a tile color, then play around with grout colors. Fun and useful to "see" your choices before you do the work.

Polyethylene Membrane
This product serves as an uncoupling layer for problematic substrates, a waterproofing membrane, and a vapor pressure equalization layer to accommodate moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate.

Super Tek Tile Installation FAQs
Many detailed FAQs on selecting and using ceramic tile installation materials are covered on this site.

Tiling a Tabletop Project
Here are some short instructions from HGTV on tiling a tabletop.

Hometime's Tile Info Best of the Net
Tile floor info and installation how-to instructions, including underlayment, laying out, and installing.

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More links to tile suppliers with information on tile selection, wall tile, art tiles, flooring, and instructions on installation.

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More information on redecorating and remodeling a bathroom with helpful articles and links.

Return to all Bathroom Links...
More information on redecorating and remodeling a bathroom with helpful articles and links.

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