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Citrus and Sunflowers Centerpiece
Fill your bowl with fruit and sunny sunflowers

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Spring centerpiece photography ©2001 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide

Easy, easy, easy...

Stop in the produce section when you're grocery shopping to pick up a bag of lemons and limes. Then head to the floral section for some small sunflowers and a few stems of leaves.

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Citrus and Sunflowers

• bowl container (or a platter or tray)
• 18-24 lemons and limes (or enough to fill your container)
• 6 sunflowers (we've used small ones)
• a few stems of eucalyptus or other leaves

Pile the fruit into your bowl. Use all lemons or a mixture of fruit in the colors of your choice. Tip: Use a few toothpicks to secure fruits if necessary.

Cut the sunflower stems to about 3-6" long and insert between the fruits.

Clip leaves to about 5" lengths and insert under lemons around the edge of the bowl and a few in the center.

Tip: Flowers may last several hours without water. To make an arrangement last longer, fill the bottom of the bowl with water and cut flower stems long enough to reach down to the water. Or, use floral water tubes for each flower stem.

See step-by-step photos of this centerpiece.

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