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Decorating in a Western Style

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Whether you call it Western, rustic, cowboy, cabin, or mountain style, this is a look that is as timeless as the American West.

An abundance of natural materials is key to decorating in a Western style. Rock, wood, metal, and leather are the main ingredients, with wool, birchbark, beadwork, and antlers playing an important secondary role.

Western style furniture is often large scale, made of wood, and without any fussy detail. Log furniture, Mission style furnishings, and twig pieces can be mixed with pine and oak.

Here are more elements that will contribute to Western decorating :

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  • Color schemes in a Western room center around honey colored wood, gray rock, and black metals. Accent colors are often brick red, terra cotta, forest green, or navy, though cream, gray, and other tones might be used to coordinate with a Western styled fabric, rug, or wall hanging.

  • Western motifs can include any of the following: cowboys, cattle, deer, bear, moose, fishing, mountains, pine trees, leaves, oaks, pine cones, acorns, horses, lakes, rivers, fishing, riding, hunting, wildflowers, grasses, and so on.

  • Fabrics in a Western room are tough, textured, and tactile. Think leather, suede, wool tweeds, denim, saddle blankets, matte woven rugs, and fur. Most are matte finished, though some moderately shiny leathers may be featured. Soft chenilles and patterned tapestry fabrics are also popular for upholstered pieces and for furniture throws.

  • Older is often better in a Western style interior. Vintage cracked leather ottomans, weathered farm implements, old Indian blankets are all items that will be at home here.

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