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Bud Vase Centerpiece


Bud Vase Centerpiece
Glenna J. Morton
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Set posies into tiny vases

Showcase a handful of beautiful roses in an easy arrangement anyone can do. Roses look wonderful, but tulips, daisies, ranuncula, and orchids work equally well.

Vase heights can be similar or varied, but should have something in common. Here we've used blue and white ceramic containers, however silver or crystal is another good choice.
Bud Vase Arrangement

  • 7-12 roses or other flower
  • 7-12 small bud vases or containers
  • tiny sprigs of greenery (optional)

    Fill each bud vase with water, about 3/4 full.

    Hold rose next to the container to measure for height, then clip the stem so that the base of the rose sits on the lip of the vase, as shown here.

    If desired embellish the vases with small sprigs of greenery, bear grass, or babies breath.

    Tie bows around the neck of each vase for another festive touch.

    Tip: Top off the water in the vases once or twice a day so roses stay fresh.

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 ~ Glenna J. Morton

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