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A Room with a Pooh
Jul 14 2003

Color your world with new Disney themed-paint

Theme rooms for kids have come down to child's play with the introduction of the Disney Color by Behr paint palette, available at Home Depot.

Choose from 160 colors with fairy tale names like New Day Dew, Dreams Come True, and Bother Free Blue. Paint a room a single color or go all-out and give it a designer's touch.

Begin by choosing a theme for your room such as a Princess or Pooh nursery, Mickey bath, or Buzz Lightyear bedroom.

Home Depot's free paint project cards offer suggested color combinations for painting the ceiling, floor, and trim. To complete the look, decorative techniques like sponging clouds (see instructions on Page 2) and striping walls also are included. A coordinating line of stencils and stamps are also available.

"Most of us are skittish about choosing color, even for a child's room. This Disney collection takes the guesswork out of coordinating color and takes us beyond the basic pink, yellow and blue tones usually selected for a nursery or kid's room," said Jason Feldman, director of style, innovation and design for Home Depot. "Creating a Pooh bedroom or Mickey bath is just as much fun for the parent as it is for the child."

The new Disney collection is part of the new Color Solution Center paint displays at Home Depot stores. Designed to take the fear out of choosing color, the centers offer a wide selection of paints and an interactive color selection kiosk that allows consumers to preview colors in virtual rooms.

"Not only are we offering more color choices, but new tools that make selecting a palette easier than ever," said Feldman.

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Go Faux: Sleeping Under the Clouds

Kids love make believe and there may be no better way to facilitate that creativity than by creating a faux sky with clouds. Here are brief instructions from Behr's Disney Paint Project cards, available at The Home Depot.

Sleeping Under the Clouds

Behr's Classic Pooh Collection painting project card offers step-by-step instructions for creating delightful fluffy clouds. You'll need faux glaze, white paint, a sea sponge and clean rags to make the clouds:

  • Mix together four parts faux glaze (one gallon) with one part pure white paint (one quart) to create the glaze color.

  • Use a brush to coat a water-dampened sea sponge with the glaze color. Blot excess onto a clean cloth rag.

  • Apply the glaze color onto the surface gently, creating random patterns that are light and airy and shaped like puffy clouds.

  • To keep a subtle and natural looking cloud-shaped pattern, do not squeeze the sponge or push down too hard onto the surface.

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