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Kitchen Design
Guide picks
Kitchen decorating and design photos and projects to give you inspiration for your own kitchen remodeling project.

"Online Ideas for Kitchen Islands"
If "islands" means Hawaii to you, then you haven't been in a kitchen showroom lately. Dream kitchens now have islands that are long, rectangular, triangular, rounded, French, contemporary, or country, with options galore. Take a look!

Look at these categorized links to kitchen cabinet websites to help sort out the options in islands, wood cabinets, design, and installation.

Color Timeline from Kohler
Kohler looks at fixture color trends via an interesting timeline. Choose a date and see what sink colors were popular. Also note "Current" colors on the right.

Deco Kitchen
Nice photos of a kitchen inspired by collections of Depression glass, Jadeite, enameled tinware, and period transferware.

Decorating Course
Free online mini courses on decorating your home.

Design Fundamentals from Kohler Best of the Net
Kohler provides some great tips and info on designing kitchens and bathrooms.

Designer Kitchens
Start dreaming up a designer kitchen with these photos and product listings from Kohler.

Designer's Own Kitchen
Floorplan and description of a designer's kitchen with two islands, specialized cabinets, commercial refrigerator, and black marble counters.

Dream Kitchen: Stone and Wood
Tour a dream kitchen on several pages. Includes a floorplan of this 16x16' kitchen.

Flooring Options from Kitchens.com Best of the Net
Compare vinyl, laminate, stone, tile, wood, linoleum, concrete, and carpet, and learn about trends, manufacturers, and tips on how to decide what floor is best for your kitchen.

Gallery of Kitchens
Get inspiration for your new kitchen by choosing from this list of kitchen articles from iVillage.

A collection of a huge number of appealing home photographs of magazine quality. Subscribe for a month, a quarter, or a year and be able to view thousands of ideas. Free preview.

Home Portfolio
Use the "Find Products" feature to see Kitchen products. An excellent way to see lots of options quickly and easily.

HomeMag.com Best of the Net
Click on the room listings (Spaces) to see photos and articles, with resources, on homes and rooms in various styles.

Kitchen Accessory Links from About's Entertaining Guide.
From About's Entertaining Guide, a huge list of kitchen websites that stock accessories and equipment for kitchens.

Kitchen Alcove
Photo of a lovely kitchen alcove space fitted with an arch and cooktop. Also a beautiful painted ceiling space and kitchen desk area.

Kitchen Clutter Solutions
Organize your refrigerator door clutter with these quick ideas. Before and after photos. Also, organize your kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Design Sites Best of the Net
Use these comprehensive kitchen design sites to help you plan your kitchen, get product information, buying guides, design tips, floorplan help, and more.

KitchenAid Design Center
Browse the articles and information in KitchenAid's Design center.

An Interactive Kitchen Design feature, product guides, and lots of planning tips.

Playing the Angles
Tips and photos on what to do with the corners in your kitchen. Has sink and cabinet ideas.

A great place to plan your project, learn about materials, and see trends and choices.

Today's Homeowner
Kitchen design is the topic of this page that includes a long list of helpful articles on a variety of kitchen topics.

Victorian Style Kitchen
Four pages of excellent illustrations explaining the remodeling of a kitchen in the Victorian style. (Also a printer-friendly version.)

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