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How To Fit a Pillow Into a Pillowcase

Gold and black bedroom
A gold and black bedroom has a Parisian feel to it by using a mix of beautiful fabric pillows.
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Are your pillows too large to fit comfortably into your pillowcases? Here's an easy way to make them fit by folding the pillow first.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1 minute

Here's How:

  1. Set the opened pillowcase and the pillow on the bed.
  2. Place your elbow, forearm and hand down firmly in the center (lengthwise) of the pillow.
  3. Grasp the top two corners and fold them together, then remove your arm.
  4. Hold the pillow, folded lengthwise in half, and stuff it all the way into the open pillowcase.
  5. Let go of the two top corners inside the pillowcase and fit them into the top corners of the case.
  6. Smooth the rest of the pillowcase over the rest of the pillow. Let the pillow unfold and fill the case.
  7. Set on the bed.

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 ~ Glenna Morton
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