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Decorating with Rustic Charm
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  • Warm up rustic seating pieces with cushions and pillows. These will soften the chairs visually and provide an additional level of comfort. Fabric will also serve as a unifying element to tie in a rustic piece with other items already in the room.

    Photo courtesy Wild Wood Furniture

  • Traditional formal designs can even be recreated in a rustic style. The unusual and beautiful willow canopy bed shown here, would feel at home in both contemporary and country interiors, thanks to its pleasing Chippendale style lattice work and clean lines. Notice how visually appealing the room is, even without additional color or patterned fabrics. This is the charm of rustic furniture.

  • Consider using rustic accent pieces such as tables, mirrors, coat trees, or other accessories in guestrooms and powder rooms. These smaller spaces can be theme-decorated in a rustic style around a few interesting items, without committing yourself to an entire houseful.

  • Rustic is great for outdoor spaces as well. Arbors, benches, trellis pieces, and chairs, look terrific surrounded by plants and gardens.

    Photo courtesy Wild Wood Furniture

  • Porches, country kitchens, casual dining rooms, or covered patios might be just the right spot for a rustic dining table. It's the perfect backdrop for everything from a family meal to a Fourth of July picnic. Or, picture a cozy rustic Christmas dinner table set with a simple basket of evergreens in the center.

    You don't have to live in a cabin to enjoy rustic furnishings. They'll bring a homey flavor, charm, and appeal to interiors in city apartments and country homes alike.

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