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Hanging Art in Symmetrical Arrangements
Use this principal to echo a room's decor

Use symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements of art to create either a formal or a casual feeling.

Symmetry simply means that when an arrangement is divided in half, each half is a mirror image of the other.

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In the photo on this page the center line is through the platter, down the center of the mirror, and through the center of the dresser. The elements of either side of this imaginary center line are perfectly balanced.

Photograph ©2000-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide Symmetrical Arrangements
Symmetry adds balance and formality to an arrangement and is generally pleasing and calming to the observer.

Photograph taken at the 2002 NSO Decorators' Show House, Washington D.C.
Photograph ©2000-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide Aysmmetrical Arrangements
Do something unexpected by hanging pictures in an asymmetricl arrangement. This eye-catching grouping is a casual fun look for informal settings.

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