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Holiday Living Room Makeover, continued

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Piano Space "Before" This end of the room seems sparse and is unanchored by color.
Judy Alto
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Part 2: Judy Alto's dramatic living room redo

Living Room "After"
The sofa has been moved out from the wall with a table behind it. Lighting has been added, and wing chairs have been set in the grouping.

In addition, the artwork and accessories have been selected to stand out against the dark background, giving them added drama and impact. The room is warmer, more interesting, and definitely more inviting.

Here's how Judy described this project, including the challenges and solutions that made it work.

"Like many of my clients, Jack and Ruth Baldwin were happy with the choices they had made in their home furnishings, but couldn't determine why their living room still did not beckon visitors. They found the room to be wasted space that guests went into for a quick "look see" but were never compelled to spend time in.

If you look closely at their living room before the transformation, you'll recognize some common problems made when decorating a space.

Living Room "Before"

The sofa is against the wall and the end tables are too far away for anyone to comfortably turn on a lamp or place their beverage. The artwork is swallowed up by the expanse of the wall and more importantly the focal points of the room are not addressed. The seating arrangement also does not harmonize a comfortable conversation area.

Because of the affordable dimensions of the space and the vivid jewel tones in the rest of the house, I recommended painting the walls a deep burgundy color that would add emphasis to their upholstery and portray a dramatic yet accessible cozy feeling.

Without an architectural feature as our focal point, (fireplace or view) The piano and secretary where identified as the visual anchors that dictated our seating placement. Placing the pieces close proximity allowed us to address them both.

Piano Space "Before"
This end of the room seems sparse and is unanchored by color.

I created a tighter seating arrangement by pulling the sofa further into the space. Placing a table behind the sofa and introducing a larger piece of artwork with proper lighting achieved a cohesive look and balanced the heavy weight of our focal points on the opposite wall. The wing chairs were added to the grouping to anchor a functional conversation area.

Simply by adding color and fine tuning the furniture arrangement into a well-proportioned, balanced, and harmonious whole, we transformed the room into an eye-catching beautiful room."

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