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Photo ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating GuideMain | Fall Centerpieces | Doors & Windows | Mantles

Apple Basket - Fill a basket or bowl with green or red apples. Decorate apples with a few fall leaves, wheat, berries, or nuts in shells. This can be used on a mantle, entry table, or as a centerpiece. For height, collect several candlesticks of varying heights and fit with autumn colored candles. Place these next to the apple basket.

Photo ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating GuideFall Plants - Line a basket securely with heavy plastic, then fill with small ivy and flowering mum plants placed in drip dishes. Use moss to cover any visible plastic pots and dirt. Add berry sprigs or wheat for decoration if desired. (Take special care when watering the plants.)

Decorate your Plants - Give your green or silk plants a fall look by adding a few sprigs of preserved fall foliage stuck down between the leaves of your plants.

Dishes - Find some colorful plates for Fall that feature leaves, apples, or pumpkins. Use them daily from October through November.

Photo ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide

Candy Bowl - Place a fat orange or yellow candle in a low bowl. Fill the bowl around the base of the candle with orange and black jelly beans or candy corn. For a larger display create a candle 'garden' on a platter, and fill the base with candy corn.

Mini Light Magic - If you have a glass top table (either a dining table or side table), use tape to attach orange Halloween mini lights underneath the glass. Top with a tablecloth of sheer or silky fabric, netting, or thin muslin. Tie fabric corners onto each table leg with raffia or orange ribbon (no need to hem). Then turn on these lights at night for a spooky glow! Use this same idea at Christmas with tiny white, red, gold, or blue lights.

Photo ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide

Mini Pumpkin Placecards / Party Favors - Step-by-step instructions with photos, for making some easy and quick mini pumpkin placecards or party favors, using a few fall leaves and wheat stalks. Pretty project!

Napkin Rings - To make easy napkin rings for fall, hot glue some leaves around 1" wide rounds of cardboard tubing (from gift wrap rolls). Glue a strip of colored paper or fabric to the inside of the ring. Attach 2 pieces of raffia on the bottom with hot glue, and bring them around to tie a bow on top. This will help hold the leaves down. A drop of glue under the bow will hold it in place.

Placemats - Bring out your fall colored placemats and napkins and use them until Thanksgiving. Autumn tones of dark green, orange, red, tan, yellow, and navy will work well together.

Room Decorations - For fall touches throughout the house place a mini-pumpkin next to the kitchen sink, on bathroom counters, and on nightstands. Add a small vase of fall flowers with tiny cattails or wheat sprigs.

Runner and Placemat Hints - Use patterned linens if your table centerpiece will be fairly simple, such as a few pumpkins or candles. If you will be using many items in your centerpiece (leaves, nuts, pinecones, candles, mini-pumpkins), perhaps solid color linens are a better choice. Plain colors won't compete with your arrangement.

Autumn Inspiration - Find it on six photo pages highlighting outdoor and indoor seasonal decor.

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Photo ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide

All photography ©1999-2003 by Glenna J. Morton,
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