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Decorating, Design, and Style Quizzes
Guide picks
Here are some fun and informative style quizzes to help you define home furnishings you love.

Home Decor: Quiz Yourself!
Take this fun and informative home decorating 'quiz' online, using the "Who Wants to Be A..." theme. See how many you get right, or submit your own question for the next quiz. (No prizes, just lots of fun!)

Design Basics Overview Links
Start here to learn more about some of the important principles and elements of design to help you decorate with confidence.

Take Our Design Terms Quizzes!
Test your knowledge of design terminology on our quick matching quizzes -- then click the CHECK ANSWERS button to reveal your score. Fun and fast!

Color Quizzes
Take these entertaining online quizzes about using color in decorating.

Design Wizard
KozyHome.com's online questionnaire to help you discover your personal style, and get an overview of design ideas tailored to your preferences.

Decorating Style Guides
Would you like to know more about style? Or find out how to use the newest trends in your own home? Start here with this ongoing series of guides on decorating styles and trends.

Domain Decor Profile Best of the Net
A quiz that scores to show your decorating personality, from Domain-home.com.

KozyHome Gallery
Zoom around in virtual rooms and see the elements of cool, classic, country, cottage, and concept style rooms.

House Beautiful's Style Quiz
An easy visual quiz (choose your favorite chair, fabric, dish pattern from four choices) to help narrow your style. From House Beautiful.

Learning to Decorate
Here are several online sources that provide some basic decorating information, tutorials, and how-tos. Most include illustrations and photos with tips and rules every home decorator should know.

"A Style to Call Your Own"
Living.com's good article about finding your own style.

Live It Up - Formal Comfort and more from BHG Best of the Net
Not a quiz, but a nice look at 8 hybrid decorating styles, including Formal Comfort, Exotic Influences, Relaxed Style, and Pale Elegance.

Lifestyle Quiz from Waverly
Determine your design type with Waverly's quiz which takes you to suggested fabrics and wallpapers.

Rate Your Mate
An interactive quiz to Rate Your Mate's Decorating Style.

Period and Style Quiz
Test your knowledge of home exterior styles with this online photo quiz.

Rate Your Mate's Decorating Style
A quiz from BHG online, that compares your answers with your mates responses to 12 decorating questions.

Style Personalities from Domain-Home.com Best of the Net
Are you a Visionary, Artisan, Adventurer, or Idealist? An interesting look at style preferences.

Test Your Decorating I.Q.
Several questions using a True/False format, from iVillage.com.

What's Your Decorating Dilemma?
A multiple choice quiz with instant online scoring offering advice and tips.

Tips on Finding Your Style
Article with tips on home decorating styles.

What's Your Home IQ?
Take BHG.com's housekeeping quiz to test how much you know about housekeeping.

What's Your Sleeping Style?
A just-for-fun quiz about bed linens, pj's, and bedroom decor. From iVillage.com.

What's Your Style Quiz from Lexington Furniture
A quick quiz that asks questions about your attitudes toward your home. Instant scoring and links to some Lexington Furniture collections.

You're a Home Decorating Fanatic When...
Take our just-for-fun "quiz" and give yourself a point for each statement that describes you.

All Design Basics Links
Back for more design principles, rules, arrangments, and home plans.

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