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Christmas Theme Ideas
How to Fill in Gaps Between Branches

Note: These idea photo pages may take a minute or so to load, depending on the speed of your modem connection.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Large Ornament
Here a very large tin angel is hung in a gap between branches.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Focal Point
Eight inch gold stars are the focal points on this tree. Here one is dramatically hung in a "hole" in the tree.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Open branches are also a perfect place to lay bundles of natural materials -- twigs, wheat, berries, etc.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Silk Flowers
Here a bunch of silk flowers, golden twigs, ornaments, and ribbon are tied together and used throughout the tree to fill in the gaps.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Wired ribbon bows placed on the ends of branches can serve to "fill in" holes and give a beautiful outline to the tree.

© 2000, Glenna J. Morton - #991201GJM - CmasThemeTREES
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All photography ©2000-2002 by Glenna J. Morton,
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