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Garland Tips for Christmas Trees, continued

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Raffia Garland
Glenna J. Morton
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Page 2: Easy Ways to Add Get Creative with Garlands

Raffia - An inexpensive country look garland can be made from strands of raffia (clip raffia to even lengths and tie or wire lengths together). Wire swags onto branches to control the wild raffia look.

Vines - Long natural vines can be used as a garland if they are thin and flexible enough to be worked around the tree.

Chains - Homemade chains of paper strips or ribbon lengths can be made in any size or color you desire.

Popcorn - The old standby of popcorn and cranberry garlands add a homey look to your tree. You'll need to experiment with needles, thread, and popcorn to determine the best method. This project may be better suited to a small tree since stringing 50+ feet of garland for a taller tree may be more than you can do.

Mini Pinecones - Pinecones look wonderful on a tree, especially a country or cabin themed tree. Look for commerically made garlands of mini-cones, or try making your own if you have a source of small pinecones.

Beads - Beaded garlands are a traditional favorite. Buy commerical styles in wood, faux pearls, and artificial cranberry. Or, string your own custom garland with the beads of your choice.

Trimmings - There are many craft and fabric materials that can be creatively used as garland. Look for cording, trimmings, artificial leaf garlands, tassles, upholstery trims, and more.

Twine, Rope - Twist, braid, knot, or loop twine or rope into a special garland. This might be perfect for a nautical tree, a Western themed tree, or a country tree.

Fold Your Own - Almost any paper decoration can be folded over a piece of twine or cording to make your own garland. Cut shapes out of folded paper, then glue the halves together with the twine encased in the fold. Space evenly on the twine, every 6" or so. Think about using color copies of photos, folded paper snowflakes, construction paper hearts, cardboard cabin shapes, etc.

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Christmas Special

 ~ Glenna J. Morton
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