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Cleaning Faster and Better

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Helpful Net sources on cleaning efficiently!

A clean house is a thing of beauty. However, uncovering that beauty is sometimes a lot of hard work! Whether you love cleaning or not, these Net sources have some great information to get the job done faster and better.

  • Learn the rules, find out how to speed clean, form your routing and organize your supplies with these tips and tutorials.

  • Find out how to clean like a pro... simplify your supplies and implementing techniques used by professionals.

  • Speed cleaning may sound like an Olympic event, but we all know that no one is handing out any medals. To get "out of the kitchen" (or any room) faster, learn the 12 rules of speed cleaning.
  • "Household Maintenance Rules" lists 13 strategies for maintaining your belongings, from filter changing to using floor mats.

  • The How-To pages, on this site also include some helpful info for cleaning hardwood floors, living rooms, water marks on wood, treating smashed carpet fibers, quick cleaning a room, and many more.

  • Organize household chores with software for family task management. Try Chore Genie 2.0!

    House Beautiful provides some great information on cleaning including cleaning furniture, cleaning silver, and cleaning windows and blinds.

  • HGTV's Mary Ellen Pinkam has tons of household tips online. Search the show database for handy cleaning tips, stain removal suggestions, and more. "Smart Solutions" is another show with household hints listed by episode in a searchable database.

  • Learn2.com has many helpful hints about cleaning your home. This dusting tutorial not only helps you clean, but prevent dust, find the right tools, make a plan, and finish up with vacuuming.

  • How to clean anything, including wallpaper, countertops, marble, and more.

    For more on cleaning, see the Cleaning Links

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