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Christmas Theme Ideas
Birthday Theme

Note: These idea photo pages may take a minute or so to load, depending on the speed of your modem connection.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Birthday Tree
Here's a small tree that is wonderful for a child's dresser. It has been decorated with a few lights, a string of garland, and several small ornaments special to the child. (Don't do this type of tree for very young children, however, to avoid choking hazards.)

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

A Child's Own
A new ornament is added each year.

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

A few handmade gift ornaments are added as well. Here a stained glass train is used as a tree topper. Shiny red and green package "shred" in mylar has been used as throw on "tinsel". (Also not appropriate for younger children.)

All photography © 2000 by Glenna J. Morton

Toys and Favors
Tiny toys no longer used, party favors, and package decorations are all candidates for a small tree like this. Date the special ones.

© 2000, Glenna J. Morton - #991201GJM - CmasThemeTREES
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