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December Holiday Special
Christmas Tree Skirts
Tips and Ideas

Holiday photos by Glenna J. MortonGo on to Page 2: Making Your Own Tree Skirts

Christmas tree skirts will hide the tree stand and can contribute color and pattern to your holiday decorating. Here are some of our favorite tips for choosing and using tree skirts.

How Large a Skirt? - This will depend on the size of your tree stand as well as the diameter of your tree. In general:
  • The skirt should be big enough to fully cover the tree stand underneath.
  • The skirt shouldn't extend beyond the average width of the tree branches.
  • Keep a tree skirt from encroaching into the walkways in the room. If it is too large, simply fold an edge under so no one walks or trips on it.

Covering the Tree Stand - Many tree stands today are very large and rounded and traditional tree skirts may not fit well. You may need to make your own tree skirt designed to fit around your stand. Or, simply drape a length of fabric around the base of the tree. See more here about Making Your Own Tree Skirt.

Patterned or Plain? - When choosing a tree skirt, consider if you want it to be a focal point or simply a background item. Choose a bright color, patterned design, or metallic finish when you want to "show off" the skirt. Otherwise it might be better to go with understated elegance in a relatively simple or plain colored tree skirt. See more about choosing Christmas color schemes.

When to Put it On - First, move the tree into postion and fill the water reservoir. Next, install the lights, garlands, and ornaments. Finally, sweep up loose pine needles and place the tree skirt under the tree.

Watering the Tree - Position the opening of the tree skirt in a convenient location where you'll be able to lift it in order to access the tree stand to add more water. If you're concerned about a corner of the tree skirt falling into a water pan, then be sure to cover the water opening with a sheet of heavy plastic or foil before covering with the tree skirt.

Decorating and Design - Using a tree skirt is another opportunity to tie in to your decorating color scheme and theme. A red velvet skirt might be perfect for your Victorian living room, where patchwork calico could be just the thing for a rustic cabin Christmas. Learn more about using Design Principles for the Holidays here.

Trends - Tree skirts have become more elegant in recent years. Look for gorgeous satin banded velvet skirts, designs with embroidered sheers over colored linings, sumptuous beaded styles, and more. If country looks are your favorite you might use quilts, fleeces, burlaps, calicos, and patchwork quilt fabrics. Find more about Making Your Own Tree Skirts on page 2...

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Page 2: Making Your Own Tree Skirts

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