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How to Make Your House Guests Feel Really Welcome (and Comfortable)

These All Add Up to a Wonderful Visit


Guest Room Tray

What guest wouldn't feel welcome with a lovely tray of treats?

Coral Nafie
You certainly can’t make your spare room into a room at The Ritz, but there are some things you can do to make it just as comfortable. Find out our picks for the most important ingredients for a welcoming guest room.

Sweet dreams are what it’s all about.

Luxury hotels are competing with each other over finding the best beds and providing the most comfortable sleep for their guests. You won’t have a budget like they do, but you should really make an effort to give your guests a bed that you’d be willing to sleep in. A too-short sofa bed or foam pad just won’t do it. Invest some money in a good sleep surface, and they’ll thank you for it in the morning. A good pillow is like icing on the cake!

Fresh-as-a-daisy linens are a must!

It’s crucial that you provide crisp, clean, and coordinated linens for your overnight guests. They’ll feel especially welcome and it’s an easy thing to do. Don’t pull out your family leftovers if you don’t have to. You don’t have to invest in the finest luxury linens to make someone feel special. Most discount specialty stores have large sections of discontinued styles of designer sheet sets and lovely imported towels. You can really get a beautiful look at a small price. An electric blanket or fluffy down comforter will keep your guests cozy on the chilliest nights. Be sure to have an extra blanket tucked away in a closet should your guests need more warmth.

Have a place to relax.

You may not want to be entertaining your guest all the time they’re with you, and it’s important that they feel they have someplace to get away for a little private relaxing time. A comfortable chair and ottoman are just the answer. Even a small slipper chair and stool will do the trick, and your guest will have a quiet place to be on their own.

Get rid of as much clutter as you can.

If you use your spare room for other things when you’re alone, you may have some work to do when you’re expecting guests. What to you might be decoration, may be “stuff in the way” for your visitor. Have a bare tabletop, empty drawer, and closet space available for your guest to put things away. They’ll feel more at home and not be concerned about having their things in your way.

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