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Before You Buy a Comforter
Comforters are one of the most popular bed linen items on the market today. They add color, pattern, and interest to a room as well as provide a layer of insulating warmth. Here are some tips on buying a comforter for your bed.

Measure your bed before you buy a comforter. Some manufacturers cut corners by lumping together a mix of sizes such as "Full/Queen" or "King". Better comforters are made specificially for each size bed and will be marked with the finished size. Compare this to your own bed's measurements.
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Comforters are generally filled with layers of polyester batting. The "loft" of the filling will determine the physical size of the comforter as well as the insulating ability. Stitching patterns or quilting helps secure the filling inside the comforter and helps it stay evenly distributed.
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Look for dressmakeer details that add to the designer look. such as welting, fringes, ruffles, buttons, contrasting borders, etc. However, if you use your comforter as a blanket then make sure any buttons, ties, and ruffles are located away from the top of the comforter and your face as you sleep.
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Many comforters are made with contrasting fabrics on each side. Use this feature to get a summer and a winter look for your bed by just reversing the comforter.
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Thread Count
Thread count refers to the number of threads per inch used to weave the fabric covering of a comforter. More expensive fabrics have a higher thread count (over 250) while cheaper muslins have a low thread count (in the 100's or low 200's). Higher thread counts mean that the fabric will be softer, more luxurious to the touch, and will often last longer.
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